Your guide to owning commemorative gold bullion coins

Commemorative bullion coins are some of the most sought-after coins in the world.  These coins regularly sell out, causing stock shortages at major national mints. So what do you get for your money? And why should you buy one? Well the key reason most people purchase a bullion coin is the precious metal content.  But these coins […]

US Mint announces Quarter Ounce Eagle Sell-out

Last week the US Mint announced that the 2015 Quarter Ounce Gold Bullion American Eagle had sold out, with sales reaching 152,000 – 34,000 more than 2014’s total. The US Mint informed bullion dealers on the 13th that all stock of Quarter Ounce Gold Bullion Eagles had sold out and no more of these were […]

Banned by the French, but issued by the Belgians

The story of the controversial Belgian 10 Euro Coin Earlier this year, Belgium planned to issue a commemorative Waterloo coin in honour of the Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.  France objected though branding the commemoration of Waterloo as a “symbol that is negative” which would “undermine the unity of the Eurozone.” So to avoid […]

The “unknown” Gold Sovereign that sold out in 8 weeks

The Australian Gold Sovereign is struck to the exact same specification as the UK Gold Sovereign with 7.98g of 22 Carat Gold. All that differs is the design and, most importantly, the edition limit. It only has an edition limit of 1,500, in comparison to 7,500 for the UK Proof Sovereign. The reverse design of […]

Why this coin sold out

The coin you see below sold out at the Mint quite a while ago and Coin Portfolio Management just sold the last few that were available in the UK. I’m going to tell you why it sold out. One hundred thousand of these coins were struck last year and they were snapped up quickly by […]