Should you be about to go platinum?

A new report from the World Platinum Investment Council has shown that demand for the precious metal is currently outstripping supply. It points to market demand being driven by a number of new platinum coins being made available to collectors and investors over the last couple of years, such as the American Eagle and the […]

The fastest sell-outs of 2015… and my tips for 2016

It may frustrate collectors, but sell-outs are a fact of life in the coin world. When something has a set edition limit its supply is, by definition, limited, so if demand exceeds that supply you will see a coin sell out. Sometimes it happens very quickly. Here are five of the fastest sell-outs of 2015: […]

10 facts about the world’s most popular gold coin

The most widely held and actively traded bullion coin in the world is not a British coin, nor is it from America. With sales of over 60 million, more of these coins have been bought than there are people living in its country of origin. That country is South Africa and the coin is the […]

The US coins that caused collector uproar

There is one thing that frustrates collectors more than anything else… Here’s what happens – A mint announces that a coin will launch at a forthcoming show, but only small numbers will be available, so they advise collectors to get there early to make sure they get their coin. Fastforward to the show in question and […]

US Mint announces Quarter Ounce Eagle Sell-out

Last week the US Mint announced that the 2015 Quarter Ounce Gold Bullion American Eagle had sold out, with sales reaching 152,000 – 34,000 more than 2014’s total. The US Mint informed bullion dealers on the 13th that all stock of Quarter Ounce Gold Bullion Eagles had sold out and no more of these were […]

Banned by the French, but issued by the Belgians

The story of the controversial Belgian 10 Euro Coin Earlier this year, Belgium planned to issue a commemorative Waterloo coin in honour of the Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.  France objected though branding the commemoration of Waterloo as a “symbol that is negative” which would “undermine the unity of the Eurozone.” So to avoid […]

What problem is affecting all of the world’s major mints right now?

I wrote to you recently about how investors could be turning to silver as prices remained at their lowest point for years and the signs were that supply was not keeping up with demand. You can read the article here. Now comes the news from Reuters (New York) that the world’s major mints are struggling […]

Why collectors have been counting down to today

Today is the day that Her Majesty becomes our longest reigning monarch of all time, bypassing the previous record of 23,226 days, 16 hours and 23 minutes set by her great-great grandmother Queen Victoria. The prospect of Her Majesty surpassing Queen Victoria’s time on the throne to become our longest reigning monarch seems to have […]

The coin that everyone wanted to see in Chicago

I’ve just arrived back from Chicago where I saw something special. For the past week, the American Numismatic Association World Money Fair has been taking place in Chicago. All the Mints of the world are there promoting their latest releases, but one coin stole the show. It was the coin that everyone was talking about and […]

Pure Gold $200 Maple Leaf Reflection Coin Sells Out

To the casual observer, the coin you see here is “just” another gold coin, albeit one with a striking design. But what sets this apart from other gold coins? Why did this one sell out its entire edition limit in just over a month? 1. Numismatic First The coin’s beautiful design has proved incredibly popular […]