The weird and wonderful coins of the Berlin World Money Fair

Every year, thousands of coin collectors and hundreds of dealers and Mints descend upon the Estrel Exhibition Centre in Berlin for the World Money Fair. It’s a pretty intense few days of one meeting after an other, being shown countless coins – some from countries I’ve never even heard of. So what caught my eye […]

Is this Sovereign the “Greatest Gold Rarity of the British Empire”?

The 1920 Sydney Sovereign is the rarest gold Sovereign of them all and Australia’s most valuable coin, living up to its billing of the “Greatest Gold Rarity of the British Empire”. But why does a Sovereign with the same technical specifications as any other Sovereign command a fee in the hundreds of thousands? Look no […]

The Expert Guides Series: Your Guide to Collecting from International Mints

When assessing a coin’s potential, the first thing I do is look at the issuing country to make sure there is a strong tradition of numismatic heritage. This ensures the greatest potential for long-term interest. As a result, I generally restrict my recommendations to British Isles, United States, Canadian, South African and Australian coins, which […]

10 million coins sold

I reported two months ago how how the American market was going wild for a brand new silver bullion coin from Australia. The Australians predicted sales of 5 million units in their first year of issue, but sales have just passed the 10 million mark. The one ounce Silver Kangaroo, issued by The Perth Mint […]

When Sovereigns were produced all over the world

Although the Sovereign is Great Britain’s best-loved coin, few people realise that not all of them were struck in this country. 2016 is the 200th anniversary of the Great Recoinage Act 1816, which resulted in the introduction of the modern Sovereign in 1817, replacing the Guinea. The gold Sovereign reached the height of its prominence […]

A 145 ounce gold nugget has just been found

“I kept it in my oven on the first night.” These were the words of an Australian man who has just unearthed a 145-ounce gold nugget valued at AUS$250,000 (£145,000). “I thought it was rubbish at first, maybe an old horseshoe,” he said. “About 12 inches below the ground, I could just barely make out […]

The Million Dollar Sell-out

Sell-outs are always a hot topic in the world and, as I reported last week, the internet has revolutionised the way the world buys coins and greatly impacted the speed of sell-outs, with 10,000 coins selling in under an hour now a reality. That particular sell-out was $1m worth of coins, but why sell 10,000 […]

Why are Americans jumping for this silver coin?

It’s not just gold experiencing a surge of interest right now. The Perth Mint has seen sales of silver coins double in the past year and even they have been surprised by the popularity of a new coin launched back in September. Launched in September, the one ounce Silver Kangaroo was Perth’s attempt to grab […]

Australia releases its first ever Quarter

America is the only nation with a Quarter in its currency, but that is about to change… For the first time Australia is launching its own 25 cent coin, with more than one million “Quarters” being released by The Royal Australian Mint in an exclusive one-off release. Although they will be legal tender, the unique […]

Australia’s most iconic coins go under the hammer

It’s late in the 18th century and you’re trying to establish a colony in a new country, but there is a serious coin shortage. What do you do? If you were British settlers in Australia almost 250 years ago, you simply took an existing Spanish coin, punched the middle out of it and used the […]