You toss a coin into a fountain – where does it end up?

Throw a Penny into a fountain, make a wish and it may come true, but what happens to your coin and the thousands upon thousands that join it each year? Possibly the most famous example is the iconic Trevi fountain in Rome. For generations, people have stood by the fountain and thrown coins over their […]

Why are Americans jumping for this silver coin?

It’s not just gold experiencing a surge of interest right now. The Perth Mint has seen sales of silver coins double in the past year and even they have been surprised by the popularity of a new coin launched back in September. Launched in September, the one ounce Silver Kangaroo was Perth’s attempt to grab […]

A lot can happen in 56 minutes…

At midday on 30 June, The US Mint launched their brand new Platinum Proof 2016 American Eagle $100 coin. By 12:56 that same day, all 10,000 coins had been allocated. What happened next? I’m sure you can guess. The coins start popping up on eBay for a price far higher than the original US Mint […]

India launches its very own gold coin

Indian Overseas Bank has started offering Indian investors the chance to own an Indian-produced gold coin for the first time. Before then, Indians wanting to invest in gold had to make do with jewellery after the Reserve Bank of India barred banks and post offices from selling gold coins. The Indian gold coin, minted in India […]

US Mint to produce pink coin for breast cancer awareness

The US Mint are currently developing a new pink commemorative coin to promote breast cancer awareness and raise money for cancer research. The coin’s design will be decided by a contest, with release expected for 2018. The pink-gold coin will be part of a set of three new coins aimed at promoting breast cancer awareness […]

This coin is angering a lot American collectors

The US Mint is receiving a lot of criticism from collectors right now and it is all stemming from the coin you see here. It’s the brand new 2016 Mercury Dime Centennial Gold Coin – one of three special centennial editions from the US Mint this year. Launched at midday on 21 April, collectors experienced […]

The Queen’s birthday £5 coin worth £4,500 sells out

The Royal Mint issued a rare and special coin for the Queen’s 90th birthday last month. Despite a price tag of £4,500, the coin sold out before Her Majesty even celebrated her big day. Why was the coin so special? It was a “Piedfort” – a coin struck to double the normal thickness. They are traditionally […]

Have you seen the ground-breaking new Euro coin?

Following the news of the British £1 coin becoming more secure, the Euro has been given a security make-over… Named the “Blue Planet Earth”, the new 5 Euro coin entered circulation in Germany on Thursday 14 April and it has coin collectors particularly excited. 10 years of research went into perfecting the development of this […]

Australia releases its first ever Quarter

America is the only nation with a Quarter in its currency, but that is about to change… For the first time Australia is launching its own 25 cent coin, with more than one million “Quarters” being released by The Royal Australian Mint in an exclusive one-off release. Although they will be legal tender, the unique […]

What makes this the most secure coin in the world?

According to the Government, one in every thirty £1 coins is now a fake, costing them £2m a year. So that’s why The Royal Mint has set out to make the new £1 coin the most secure in the world (due to be released next March), but how are they doing it? Firstly, the coin will have 12 […]