What was on everyone’s lips at this year’s Berlin World Money Fair?

Every year, thousands of coin collectors and hundreds of dealers and Mints descend upon the Estrel Exhibition Centre in Berlin for the World Money Fair. It’s one of the many shows I attend to find the right coins for our client’s portfolios. I came back over the weekend after attending private meetings with Perth Mint, […]

The fastest sell-outs of 2015… and my tips for 2016

It may frustrate collectors, but sell-outs are a fact of life in the coin world. When something has a set edition limit its supply is, by definition, limited, so if demand exceeds that supply you will see a coin sell out. Sometimes it happens very quickly. Here are five of the fastest sell-outs of 2015: […]

What problem is affecting all of the world’s major mints right now?

I wrote to you recently about how investors could be turning to silver as prices remained at their lowest point for years and the signs were that supply was not keeping up with demand. You can read the article here. Now comes the news from Reuters (New York) that the world’s major mints are struggling […]

The coin that everyone wanted to see in Chicago

I’ve just arrived back from Chicago where I saw something special. For the past week, the American Numismatic Association World Money Fair has been taking place in Chicago. All the Mints of the world are there promoting their latest releases, but one coin stole the show. It was the coin that everyone was talking about and […]

Pure Gold $200 Maple Leaf Reflection Coin Sells Out

To the casual observer, the coin you see here is “just” another gold coin, albeit one with a striking design. But what sets this apart from other gold coins? Why did this one sell out its entire edition limit in just over a month? 1. Numismatic First The coin’s beautiful design has proved incredibly popular […]

Are investors eyeing up silver coins?

What is going to happen next with regards to precious metal prices? It’s a question that financial experts and market commentators are struggling to answer. Everything from the crisis in Greece to the strong American Dollar is affecting the price of gold and silver right now and nobody knows what is going to happen next. […]

Can you predict which coins are going to sell out?

I read an article recently on CoinWorld.com in which the author discussed whether collectors can predict which coins are going to sell out or if it’s all simply down to luck. Whilst he commented that “no one can predict with certainty which modern issues will do well”, he added that “experienced collectors and dealers often […]

Launched 5 May, Sold Out 5 May

The Canadian 2015 5oz Silver Proof 5 Cent Beaver Coin shown here has the honour of achieving sell-out status on the day it was launched. Not officially launched until 5 May, it already sold out its edition limit of 1,500 pieces by that date. The coins are composed of five ounces of fine silver and […]

Why this coin sold out

The coin you see below sold out at the Mint quite a while ago and Coin Portfolio Management just sold the last few that were available in the UK. I’m going to tell you why it sold out. One hundred thousand of these coins were struck last year and they were snapped up quickly by […]

25th Anniversary collectors miss out on Silver Maple Leaf

Few coins have the international following of Canada’s “4 nines” pure Silver Maple Leaf.  And nothing has proved that more than the furore surrounding its 25th Anniversary this year. Straight from the starting blocks, demand was so high for the new 25th Anniversary issue that the Royal Canadian Mint was forced to ration sales with […]