A lot can happen in 56 minutes…

At midday on 30 June, The US Mint launched their brand new Platinum Proof 2016 American Eagle $100 coin. By 12:56 that same day, all 10,000 coins had been allocated. What happened next? I’m sure you can guess. The coins start popping up on eBay for a price far higher than the original US Mint […]

Gold price heading for all-time high?

I told you last week about gold reaching its highest price for 3 years and how financial experts believed it was only the start of a boom for gold. Now one investor has predicted that the gold price will reach an all-time high by the end of next year. Gold is seen as a safe haven […]

The Queen’s birthday £5 coin worth £4,500 sells out

The Royal Mint issued a rare and special coin for the Queen’s 90th birthday last month. Despite a price tag of £4,500, the coin sold out before Her Majesty even celebrated her big day. Why was the coin so special? It was a “Piedfort” – a coin struck to double the normal thickness. They are traditionally […]

What makes this the most secure coin in the world?

According to the Government, one in every thirty £1 coins is now a fake, costing them £2m a year. So that’s why The Royal Mint has set out to make the new £1 coin the most secure in the world (due to be released next March), but how are they doing it? Firstly, the coin will have 12 […]

You’ve never seen a coin error like this before

The story of a brand new error coin coming out of The Royal Canadian Mint last month reminded me of a strange coin error that went to auction back in January with an estimate of $10,000. It sold for over four times that. An impressive result. Even more impressive when you consider the “coin” in […]

New 12-sided one pound coin begins production

This time next year, you will be getting a brand new one pound coin in your change and it will look totally different to anything that has gone before it – at least with a £1 denomination. The new coin will have 12 sides instead of a smooth, rounded edge and is being billed as […]

The fastest sell-outs of 2015… and my tips for 2016

It may frustrate collectors, but sell-outs are a fact of life in the coin world. When something has a set edition limit its supply is, by definition, limited, so if demand exceeds that supply you will see a coin sell out. Sometimes it happens very quickly. Here are five of the fastest sell-outs of 2015: […]

The US coins that caused collector uproar

There is one thing that frustrates collectors more than anything else… Here’s what happens – A mint announces that a coin will launch at a forthcoming show, but only small numbers will be available, so they advise collectors to get there early to make sure they get their coin. Fastforward to the show in question and […]

What problem is affecting all of the world’s major mints right now?

I wrote to you recently about how investors could be turning to silver as prices remained at their lowest point for years and the signs were that supply was not keeping up with demand. You can read the article here. Now comes the news from Reuters (New York) that the world’s major mints are struggling […]

Why the Gold Sovereign will never be the same again

The Royal Mint chose the release of the 2015 Gold Sovereign to announce another piece of news that means the Gold Sovereign will never be the same again after 2015. In a move that is presumably designed to mark Her Majesty the Queen becoming the nation’s longest reigning monarch in September 2015, the Royal Mint […]