New book reveals a fascinating new discovery

A new book by Q. David Bowers has dropped a bombshell in the US collector market by revealing details of a previously unknown Morgan Dollar from 1964. In announcing the release of the new fifth edition of A Guide Book of Morgan Silver Dollars, Whitman Publishing revealed that researchers for the book had gained access […]

10 million coins sold

I reported two months ago how how the American market was going wild for a brand new silver bullion coin from Australia. The Australians predicted sales of 5 million units in their first year of issue, but sales have just passed the 10 million mark. The one ounce Silver Kangaroo, issued by The Perth Mint […]

As the gold price climbs, so do the number of fakes

Unsurprisingly, with the value of gold soaring unscrupulous types are trying to make a quick buck peddling counterfeit gold in the form of coins. Technology is making them easier to produce and harder to detect. The gold price has jumped by over 40% since the turn of the year, so the precious metal market is […]

Whatever you do with your coins, don’t do this

Earlier this year, a very rare Morgan Dollar sold for $16,450 at auction. You’d think the seller would have been delighted, but it achieved barely half the price of the same coin at an auction in 2014. What went wrong? The coin, an 1892 Morgan Dollar from San Francisco – the rarest Morgan Dollar, had […]

You toss a coin into a fountain – where does it end up?

Throw a Penny into a fountain, make a wish and it may come true, but what happens to your coin and the thousands upon thousands that join it each year? Possibly the most famous example is the iconic Trevi fountain in Rome. For generations, people have stood by the fountain and thrown coins over their […]

Why are Americans jumping for this silver coin?

It’s not just gold experiencing a surge of interest right now. The Perth Mint has seen sales of silver coins double in the past year and even they have been surprised by the popularity of a new coin launched back in September. Launched in September, the one ounce Silver Kangaroo was Perth’s attempt to grab […]

Price rises for gold, silver and… paper?

Gold and silver prices have been climbing steadily since the result of Brexit vote was announced, but there is another, perhaps more surprising, “commodity” seeing sharp rises. Rare stamp merchants Stanley Gibbons have just updated their stamp index, which tracks the prices of 250 British investment-grade stamps. Over the past ten years that index has […]

Brexit – Almost 2,000 years ago…

Brexit has sent shock waves around the world, but it’s not the first time Britain walked away from a united Europe… The Roman province of Britannia turned its back on Roman Control in 286AD, setting up an independent empire and the coins from the period tell the story. Most of Europe was united under the […]

US Mint to produce pink coin for breast cancer awareness

The US Mint are currently developing a new pink commemorative coin to promote breast cancer awareness and raise money for cancer research. The coin’s design will be decided by a contest, with release expected for 2018. The pink-gold coin will be part of a set of three new coins aimed at promoting breast cancer awareness […]

Coin handed to the bank for destruction is potentially worth £2,000

An extremely rare silver 2p coin dropped into a Royal British Legion collection box in Yorkshire last month was dismissed as worthless by the Poppy collectors and taken to the bank to be destroyed. They thought they had a fake coin, but they had something potentially worth £2,000… Rare Minting Error The coin – one […]