“Save our Sixpence”

With the 50th anniversary of Decimal Day fast approaching, it has brought a lot of the pre-decimal coins back into the spotlight.

When Britain went decimal on 15 February 1971, coins like the florin, shilling and half-crown became obsolete, but one coin endured into the next decade

The Sixpence.

six sixpences - “Save our Sixpence”

Worth 2.5p, it remained in circulation until 1980, following the public “Save our Sixpence” campaign to keep it.

Dick Taverne, who was chief secretary to the Treasury a year before decimalisation said: “There was a passionate public campaign ‘save our sixpence’.

“People were very fond of the coin. They said it was part of our heritage. It was thought a terrible thing to get rid of the sixpence.”

Over forty years on from when they were taken out of circulation, the Sixpence still has a place in the hearts of those in their 50s and beyond, and a puzzlement for those too young to have known them.

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