Life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II: 2023 Memorial Coin Range

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II committed herself to a life of royal duty, earning the affection of generations here in the United Kingdom, across the Commonwealth, and around the world. To preserve her majesty’s memory after her passing last year and the profound impact she made on countless lives, a breathtaking collection of memoriam coins has been unveiled – […]

Register Your Interest – New UK Star Wars™ Collection

The Star Wars™ Collection will finally land on 10th July 2023 with the first in a collection of coins dedicated to one of the most popular film franchises in cinematic history. The four-coin collection celebrates some of the most popular partnerships from the original Star Wars™ trilogy. The collection begins with a design featuring the […]

His Majesty’s most important UK Sovereign has just been released: Rare obverse design change

This year, we had the privilege to witness the Coronation of our new monarch, King Charles III. The grandeur of the moment hung heavily in the air, as the hallowed halls of Westminster Abbey echoed with the weight of history. A palpable sense of anticipation reverberated through the invited guests and the thousands that lined […]

How a Second World War Raid came to feature on this latest coin release…

16th May 1943 – just as the sun was setting on a cool spring evening, an elite group of RAF bombers assembled. Ready to take on one of the most daring missions of the Second World War. In the quiet depths of a moonlit night, there emerged a force unparalleled in unwavering bravery. The gallant […]

Over 66,000 queued online – the Coronation sell out story so far.

After The Royal Mint revealed the coin designs to commemorate the King’s Coronation, there was no doubt in my mind that this launch was going to be on a scale that I hadn’t seen since the Platinum Jubilee.     And I wasn’t wrong.    This morning at 9am, I sat on The Royal Mint’s website eagerly anticipating […]

New official UK Coronation Coins revealed

UPDATE: A new range of UK coins have been authorised for release to celebrate the King’s Coronation.   The designs have just been revealed this morning and, importantly, it has been confirmed that a BRAND NEW portrait of the King will feature on the obverse of all coins in the range.  This is the FIRST TIME […]

The reign longer than Queen Elizabeth II?

Since 1958, the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II has featured on the obverse of British coins. And now, for the first time in 70 years, a new portrait of King Charles III is entering circulation. But did you know that there’s another British icon who has featured on coins for far longer? In fact, she […]

A Royal Celebration like no other and a coin range to match

Long live the King! In anticipation of the Coronation of King Charles III, a remarkable range of coins has launched and launched with a bang. The first sell-out was achieved within 100 minutes of issue, with the Silver Mint Masters Set selling out its entire run of 100 before most of us even knew about […]

Announced today: The King Charles III Stamp

Royal Mail has just released the design of the official definitive King Charles III Stamp, which will be released on 4th April. The image of His Majesty The King is an adapted version of the portrait created by Martin Jennings for The Royal Mint for the obverse of the new UK coinage and shows the […]