Dissecting a Design: Britain’s most secure banknote

Earlier this year the Bank of England released the new £50 banknote and it’s been hailed as Britain’s most secure.

Click on the points below to find out more about the security features and the design.

If you’re interested…

Today you have the chance to own one in one of the most limited ways. This First Day of Issue Limited Edition DateStamp™ £50 Note was issued on launch day to mark the historic event and postmarked with the key date.

The First 50 Pound Polymer Banknote DateStamp Issue Product Images DateStamp Information - Dissecting a Design: Britain's most secure banknote

The first ever DateStamp™ Polymer (£5) Note sold out 5,000 pieces. This £50 issue is limited to just 995, so act quickly. Click here to secure yours now >>

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