My top 5 Platinum Jubilee recommendations

The Platinum Jubilee has been the collecting event of our lifetimes. With sell-outs abound there have been some fantastic releases.

Hand on my heart, there are many more than five Platinum Jubilee commemoratives that I think deserve to be in the most exclusive collections but today I have challenged myself to limit my recommendations down to my top 5.

So without further ado, here they are:

      1. The UK Proof Sovereign

        UK 2022 Gold Proof Sovereign Coin - My top 5 Platinum Jubilee recommendations
        There’s only one place to start as this was the coin that set the tone for just how big a collecting theme the Platinum Jubilee would be.

        10,500 Sovereigns were issued with a special, one-year-only reverse design chosen specifically for the Platinum Jubilee. They had completely sold out at The Royal Mint within 9 hours of launch.

        If you’re lucky enough to have grabbed one of these, I’m sure it will be taking pride of place in your collection. For those of you who weren’t so lucky, I have good news. You can secure the “next best thing”; The UK 2022 Gold Sovereign DateStamp Issue.
        2022 UK Sovereign Datestamps details - My top 5 Platinum Jubilee recommendations
        Limited to just 995 this is one of the most limited ways to own the 2022 Sovereign and marks the day of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. Secure yours here >>

      2. The ‘God Save the Queen’ Silver Proof 50p

        Single siver proof coin and box image with cert 1 - My top 5 Platinum Jubilee recommendations
        Limited to just 2,022 coins worldwide, the reason this coin has made my top five is clear. Especially when you consider what happened just a couple of months ago.

        The Royal Mint launched their first ever royal 50p coin for the Platinum Jubilee earlier this year and gave it an edition limit of 5,000 coins. They sold out in a matter of hours. All 5,000.

        With just 2,022 this coins is bound to sell fast. And it features the name and powerful last line of our national anthem – God Save The Queen. Nothing could be more fitting for a remarkable monarch for her remarkable milestone.

        If you want to get your hands on one, you’ll have to be quick >>

      3. datestamp uk 2022 qeii official birthday 1 10th oz platinum britannia - My top 5 Platinum Jubilee recommendations
        The Britannia is one of the UK’s flagship coins, but is rarely seen in platinum, having only been introduced in 2018. There’s no better coin for the Platinum Jubilee and this DateStamp™ release is one of the most limited ways you can own one.

        Just 995 UK 2022 tenth ounce Platinum Britannia coins will be exclusively postmarked on 2 June 2022 by Royal Mail to mark the start of Her Majesty’s special Platinum Jubilee celebration weekend. Of course, that is also her official birthday and the day of Trooping the Colour 2022. At just £295 (+p&p) it must also be one of the most affordable ways to own a Platinum Jubilee Platinum Coin.

        With so few available, you’re going to need to move quickly to secure yours >>

      4. The ‘God Save the Queen’ Silver 5oz 50p


        Platinum Jubilee 5oz Silver Proof 50p God Save the Queen - My top 5 Platinum Jubilee recommendations
        This coin has made the list for multiple reasons. The first is the unusual specification.

        The coin, with a stunning “God Save The Queen” design, is TWICE the size of a regular 50p and is struck from 5 ounces of Pure Silver to a Proof finish. There has never been a supersized 50p coin like this before.

        The second reason this is one of my top recommendations is the edition limit. Just 295 will ever be issued.

        These won’t last long.

        Click here to see if you’re just in time to secure one for your collection >>

      5. 2022 Platinum Jubilee 1g Gold Ingot


        2022 Ingot2 70 platinum jubilee 1g Gold Ingot Both Sides - My top 5 Platinum Jubilee recommendations
        Last, but not least, this is first ever 1g Gold Square Ingot issued to mark a Royal Jubilee and in my opinion it is the perfect introduction to collecting for those wishing to mark the Royal milestone.

        Expertly struck, this unique square gold ingot provides you with the perfect, affordable way to own gold, whether as a keepsake for yourself or a gift for someone close.

        Limited to just 19,995 pieces, it’s struck from 1g of 99.99% Pure Gold and can be yours for just £99 (+p&p).

        Claim yours here >>


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