The Perth Mint’s 125th Anniversary Australia Sovereign 2024 Gold Proof Coin

The Perth Mint has a storied history rooted in the gold rush of the 1850s, a time when vast quantities of precious metal were unearthed in Western Australia. To capitalise on this wealth, The Perth Mint was established in 1899 as a branch of Britain’s Royal Mint. Since then, it has become a cornerstone of […]

D-Day 80th Anniversary: Dissecting the design of coins

In commemoration of the 80th anniversary of D-Day, a pivotal moment often credited with shifting the course of World War II, a special coin range has been introduced. Honouring the bravery and sacrifices of the countless individuals involved, the centrepiece of this collection features three iconic symbols: the Spitfire Mk IX, HMS Warspite, and the […]

Why D-Day is the most important anniversary for Collectors this year.

Picture the scene. June 5th 1944. As the sun dipped below the horizon, thousands of soldiers lay in wait, the air heavy with anticipation, the distant rumble of landing craft engines hummed as the country prepared for a day that would change the course of history. A day that would test the courage, and spirit […]

A gift fit for a King: Monnaie de Paris’ solid Gold Coronation Medal

On the banks of the Seine, a stone’s throw from the Louvre, is the Monnaie de Paris – the French State Mint. Out of this beautiful Napoleonic building, the artisans working there have crafted some of the most stunning coins and medals commemorating not only French history and culture, but also the “Entente Cordiale” between […]

UK circulating coinage is about to change completely

British coinage has had its fair share of fascinating tales over the years. But one aspect of our rich heritage that often goes unnoticed is the very coins that started it all. The ones that circulate in our change from day to day. Our circulating coins are about to change, with the Royal Mint having […]

Register Your Interest – New UK Star Wars™ Collection

The Star Wars™ Collection will finally land on 10th July 2023 with the first in a collection of coins dedicated to one of the most popular film franchises in cinematic history. The four-coin collection celebrates some of the most popular partnerships from the original Star Wars™ trilogy. The collection begins with a design featuring the […]