Why D-Day is the most important anniversary for Collectors this year.

Picture the scene. June 5th 1944. As the sun dipped below the horizon, thousands of soldiers lay in wait, the air heavy with anticipation, the distant rumble of landing craft engines hummed as the country prepared for a day that would change the course of history. A day that would test the courage, and spirit of our nation and its allies.


It’s a day etched into history. The day the allies turned the course of the Second World War and launched the biggest amphibious assault in military history.

Fast forward to this year, and we’re standing at the threshold of its 80th Anniversary. A milestone moment that holds profound historical significance. And one that is likely to be the last major anniversary with surviving veterans.

So why was D-Day so important?

The D-Day landings stand as the most extensive amphibious assault in history, with Allied forces orchestrating a synchronised effort that involved thousands of British, American, and Canadian troops.

The mission? To secure a stable position in Western Europe. But it wasn’t a simple matter of invading a series of beaches. The plan involved something seemingly impossible. Breaching Hitler’s Atlantic Wall – a series of ‘impenetrable’ defences stretching 1,670 miles from Norway to Spain.

But what’s more, on the shores of Normandy, each of the five landing beaches—Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword—posed distinctive challenges, reflecting the varied landscape and fortified German defences.

In fact, the strength of Hitler’s Wall can still be found today – much of it is still intact. Concrete turret defences and anti-landing obstacles can still be seen today. It’s fascinating.

But this unprecedented operation’s sheer scale and intricacy demonstrate the unparalleled coordination required to execute such a historic mission.

Last major anniversary with surviving veterans

This is almost certainly the last significant anniversary with surviving veterans. This is one of the last times that Veterans will be able to stand with us, share their stories, and pay tribute to their fallen comrades. 

This year becomes a poignant opportunity to pay homage to their resilience, heroism, and camaraderie, acknowledging the debt of gratitude owed to those who secured the freedoms we cherish today.

What does that mean for collectors?

In honour of this significant milestone, CPM Prestige is proud to present a BRAND-NEW coin range honouring the remarkable event of D-Day, and quite possibly one of the last major anniversaries with surviving veterans.

Releases like these are extremely popular year after year with sellouts seen across the range. We’re likely to see an increase in demand from collectors and historians alike, especially in the lead-up to the anniversary in June.

When you consider the popularity of coins honouring the brave sacrifices of all those who served and helped to end WWII, the stock available will not last long. Especially when you consider the last major anniversary for D-Day was the 75th anniversary and these commemoratives experienced sell-outs across the range.

Today, you can honour the brave sacrifices of all those who served by securing the D-Day 80th Silver Proof 5oz Coin by clicking here.

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