A gift fit for a King: Monnaie de Paris’ solid Gold Coronation Medal

On the banks of the Seine, a stone’s throw from the Louvre, is the Monnaie de Paris – the French State Mint.

Out of this beautiful Napoleonic building, the artisans working there have crafted some of the most stunning coins and medals commemorating not only French history and culture, but also the “Entente Cordiale” between the United Kingdom and France as well.

Undoubtedly, the pinnacle of craftsmanship being a unique gold Coronation medal. This was presented to Queen Elizabeth II by French President Vincent Auriol to mark the Coronation.

And it’s the only one to exist in the world.

Now over 70 years on in the Coronation year of King Charles III, President Emmanuel Macron has asked that the tradition continue. Monnaie de Paris has created this new special gold medal as a gift for the King.

The Coronation Medal

Joaquin Jimenez, the Chief General Engraver at Monnaie de Paris, proudly accepted the prestigious task. He’s characterised designing this commemorative medal as an “immense honour.”

MDP KCIII Bronze Medal CPM Lifestyle 07 - A gift fit for a King: Monnaie de Paris’ solid Gold Coronation Medal

Staying true to tradition, Jimenez decided to portray King Charles III with his gaze turned to the left. This is a stark contrast to the customary portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II.

The front side of this remarkable medal showcases King Charles III. Here, the King is shown in his Navy Uniform. An attire considered to be the oldest ceremonial attire of the British Armed Forces. It’s a unique and striking representation of His Majesty.

On the reverse side, the medal’s design ingeniously captures the undeniably intricate beauty of Highgrove House, the primary residence of King Charles III. Artfully intertwined with ivy, the Royal Cypher is prominently featured, symbolising His Majesty’s connection with the Gordon Highlanders.

CPM MDP KCIII Silver Medal Obv Rev - A gift fit for a King: Monnaie de Paris’ solid Gold Coronation Medal

The Royal State Visit

The Royal State Visit is a momentous occasion. During this, the Coronation gift was presented to His Majesty King Charles III by President Emmanuel Macron.

This occurred during the King’s official state visit to France. A three-day event that commenced with a moving ceremony at the Arc de Triomphe. The event was marked by a Flypast featuring the Red Arrows and their French Air Force counterparts. A symbol of the undoubtedly strong alliance between the two nations.

Monnaie de Paris’ Gift to Collectors

For collectors and enthusiasts, Monnaie de Paris went a step further by creating medals that exactly mirror the one presented to His Majesty. These medals are meticulously crafted from solid Bronze and the highest grade of Sterling Silver, therefore, ensuring the highest quality.

Exclusive worldwide distribution rights for these coveted medals have been granted to CPM Prestige. However, it’s important to note that only a limited number of these medals are available.

So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure your own piece of history. Click here to acquire the Bronze Coronation Medal or click here to own the most prestigious Silver Coronation Medal today.

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