BREXIT COIN ANNOUNCED: Brand new 50p to be released on 31st October

A brand new BREXIT 50p coin is to be issued on 31st October. The Royal Proclamation has just been passed confirming the new coin. Although announced by the former chancellor Philip Hammond in last year’s Budget, this is the first official confirmation from The Royal Mint that the coin is going ahead. Production has officially […]

The world record breaker coming back to a UK 50p coin

A new coin world record was set on 19 February 2019. That was the day the Gruffalo Silver Proof 50p was released. Over 100,000 people queued on The Royal Mint website to try and get hold of a Gruffalo coin, but only 25,000 managed to secure the Silver Proof 50p. That was the whole edition […]

Announcement: Wallace and Gromit will feature on a new UK coin

The Royal Mint have just announced that a brand new UK coin featuring the iconic British duo, Wallace and Gromit, is coming soon. Few details have been revealed yet but given the popularity of previous themed coins featuring beloved characters it’s sure to be a ‘smashing’ hit. If you want to be the first in […]

Have you got your collector’s licence?

Don’t worry, you don’t actually need one today, but it wasn’t that long ago here in the UK that you did. Without one, you would be limited to owning just four gold coins issued after 1817. Unless you had a licence, but that wasn’t the easiest thing to obtain… The year it became illegal to […]