4 reasons The Royal Mint’s brand-new Sovereign issue will create collecting hysteria

Five years ago, The Royal Mint released a special version of its flagship Gold Sovereign that sold out within 24 hours of launch.

Now, they’ve reintroduced this scarce coin for 2022, and we’re set to see the same hysteria and demand.

The double-thickness Gold Proof Sovereign

Known as the Piedfort Sovereign, the coin is struck to double the thickness of a standard Sovereign to create something exceptional.

We haven’t seen one for years, but The Royal Mint has just announced its reintroduction and, quite frankly, everybody is going to want one. Why? Here are 4 reasons why it’s such a significant release:

1. 2017
Issued for the first time ever in 2017 to mark the bicentenary of the modern Sovereign, 3,750 coins were snapped up by eager collectors within 24 hours.

It was a collectable coin then and even more so now. Our asking price at CPM Gold & Silver Coins trebled in just over a year and we’ve only been able to offer 3 in the last 3 years.

2. Platinum Jubilee
The reason for its surprise reintroduction this year is to honour Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. That’s a collecting topic that has surpassed anything that has gone before it in terms of collectable demand and coins selling out.

UK 2022 Piedfort Rev Lifestyle 02 Edited - 4 reasons The Royal Mint’s brand-new Sovereign issue will create collecting hysteria
Just Released: The UK 2022 Piedfort Sovereign

Take the 10,500 Gold Proof Sovereigns that were issued with a one-year-only reverse design for the Platinum Jubilee. They sold out within 24 hours. The brand-new Piedfort Sovereign carries that same special design, which will delight collectors, but so many are going to be disappointed…

3. Edition Limit
Collectors will want to pair up their Sovereign with the new Piedfort Sovereign, but the vast majority simply won’t have the chance. That’s because the edition limit has been set at just 3,250 – just 31% of the edition limit of the standard Proof Sovereign that sold out within 24 hours.

Perhaps even more surprising is the fact that it’s 500 lower than the first Piedfort Sovereign. Another fast sell-out looks guaranteed.

4. Piedfort
With significantly lower edition limits than their counterpart Proof issues, Piedfort coins are the essential choice for serious collectors.

UK 2022 Piedfort and UK 2022 Sovereign 03 - 4 reasons The Royal Mint’s brand-new Sovereign issue will create collecting hysteria
You can really see the difference in thickness of the Piedfort when compared to the standard issue.

Double the thickness of a standard coin, Piedforts (pronounced “pee-ay-fore”) are often the pinnacle of a Mint’s craftsmanship and they’re favoured by collectors due to their rarity and strong sell-out records. And the craftsmanship and skill needed to produce these rare coins means that they are only ever issued in tiny edition limits – creating strong sell-out stories.

Creating an Instant Classic

The importance of this coin cannot be overstated. As evidenced by almost a decade of continuous sell-outs, the Sovereign is the UK’s premier Gold coin, so to reintroduce this scarce specification with a one-year-only design is a special event. The Royal Mint has created an instant classic.

How to make one yours

We have been able to secure very limited stock of the brand-new Gold Proof Piedfort Sovereign and, at time of writing, have a small number available.

Simply register your interest below and a personal advisor will be in contact shortly to discuss with you.

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