His Majesty’s most important UK Sovereign has just been released: Rare obverse design change

This year, we had the privilege to witness the Coronation of our new monarch, King Charles III. The grandeur of the moment hung heavily in the air, as the hallowed halls of Westminster Abbey echoed with the weight of history. A palpable sense of anticipation reverberated through the invited guests and the thousands that lined the streets of London, as they eagerly awaited the crowning of King Charles III, the heir to the British throne.

And as dedicated enthusiasts of numismatics, we have embraced the annual tradition of the UK Sovereign and were waiting with bated breath for its release later this year. So you can imagine my surprise (and delight) when The Royal Mint announced the release of the brand-new UK 2023 Coronation Gold Sovereign.

But the most exciting news is that it contains a rare obverse design change – seldom seen on Sovereigns.

We have been treated to differing reverse designs over the years to commemorate significant occasions, Queen Elizabeth’s multiple Jubilees along with the quirky 2005 modern interpretation of the St George and the Dragon, to name a few. But very rarely the obverse. In fact, the last time we saw this was in 1989 when a special 500th Anniversary of the Sovereign issue was released – which is now selling for thousands.

UK 2023 Gold Proof Sovereign Obverse Reverse - His Majesty's most important UK Sovereign has just been released: Rare obverse design change
The UK 2023 Gold Proof Coronation Sovereign

Every facet of the UK 2023 Coronation Sovereign bears the indelible mark of the King’s new reign. His Majesty’s portrait on the obverse has been enhanced to represent this historic moment in time with the showcase of the Crown upon his head. The design pays homage to the centuries of tradition whilst embracing the new chapter that lies ahead for the nation and the commonwealth, with the portrait that radiates a sense of wisdom and the weight of responsibility.

Struck from 22 Carat Gold to an impressive Proof finish, every curve and contour of this small but mighty coin, evokes a deep sense of pride and belonging for anyone lucky enough to secure one.

But I haven’t even mentioned the edition limit yet…

King Charles III’s first Sovereign released in memory of Queen Elizabeth II, had an edition limit of 17,500. And as I’m sure you’re aware, it sold out entirely at The Royal Mint.

The Coronation Sovereign, however, has an edition limit that is even more restricted. Just 15,000 have been issued worldwide.

I’m sure we’ll see collectors who managed to secure the 2022 King Charles III Sovereign want to pair it with this year’s Coronation Sovereign – meaning thousands are already set to miss out.

A moment like this in history is a true honour and to say it has been captured perfectly by The Royal Mint would be an understatement.

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