Quick Guide: Silver Flagship Coins of the World, including the Silver Britannia

You may have heard of the term ‘flagship coin’ before, but what does it really mean? According to The Royal Mint, it’s a popular coin from a leading global mint, and more often than not, they’re struck in gold. In the United Kingdom for example, our flagship gold coin is the Sovereign, or the silver […]

The Majesty of Milestones: King Charles III’s 75th Birthday

As we approach the milestone of King Charles III’s 75th birthday, the significance of this Royal occasion cannot be overstated. Monarchy, with its rich culture of tradition and heritage, continues to hold a profound place in the hearts of those across the country and the commonwealth. And this year in 2023, we mark King Charles […]

Life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II: 2023 Memorial Coin Range

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II committed herself to a life of royal duty, earning the affection of generations here in the United Kingdom, across the Commonwealth, and around the world. To preserve her majesty’s memory after her passing last year and the profound impact she made on countless lives, a breathtaking collection of memoriam coins has been unveiled – […]

How a Second World War Raid came to feature on this latest coin release…

16th May 1943 – just as the sun was setting on a cool spring evening, an elite group of RAF bombers assembled. Ready to take on one of the most daring missions of the Second World War. In the quiet depths of a moonlit night, there emerged a force unparalleled in unwavering bravery. The gallant […]