Your guide to the Silver Flagship Coins of the World

You may have heard of the term ‘flagship coin’ before, but what does it really mean? According to The Royal Mint, it’s a popular coin from a leading global mint, and more often than not, they’re struck in gold. In the United Kingdom for example, our flagship gold coin is the Sovereign – but did you know there is a unique collection of flagship coins that are actually struck in silver?

Let me take you through some of our favourite flagship coins from around the world, each and every one struck from silver.


She is Britain personified. And she is the namesake of Britain’s Silver Flagship coin. Britannia’s depiction only ever used to represent the strength and victory of warriors dating back to the Roman Empire.

CPM Britannia OBV REV - Your guide to the Silver Flagship Coins of the World
UK 2024 1oz Silver Britannia

1997 saw the first mintage of the iconic Britannia coin in Silver. And since then, The Royal Mint have crafted the Britannia coin year after year. Her lasting presence on this coin makes this the perfect choice for any client looking to continue and enhance their silver coin collection.


From across the pond, our friends in the United States have their own remarkable silver flagship coin that is packed with history – The Eagle.

CPM US Eagle OBV REV 1 - Your guide to the Silver Flagship Coins of the World
U.S. 2024 1oz Silver Eagle

Introduced in 1986, the Eagle is the first official silver bullion coin of the United States. The symbol of America powerfully depicted on the reverse, paired perfectly with Liberty on the obverse makes this coin a staple of American history, embodying freedom and democracy.

It could even be argued that this is one of the world’s most popular coins. When first issued in 1986, a staggering 5,393,005 were sold – with hundreds of thousands being sold every year.


The Royal Canadian Mint have always had such close ties with Great Britain, taking many influences from UK coinage. Of course, as the name would suggest, this coin depicts the nation’s emblematic maple leaf, representing Canada as a symbol of peace, tolerance, and unity.

CPM Maple OBV REV - Your guide to the Silver Flagship Coins of the World
Canadian 2024 1oz Silver Maple Leaf

Excitingly, the year 2024 sees the first-ever Maple Leaf with the portrait of King Charles III on the obverse. Not only does this make this edition incredibly collectable – but it shows the strong bond between Canada and Great Britain.


This list wouldn’t be complete without a coin from down under. The Perth Mint introduced the silver flagship coin of Australia in 1993 – The Kangaroo.

CPM Roo OBV REV - Your guide to the Silver Flagship Coins of the World
Australian 2024 1oz Silver Kangaroo

But did you know it was originally called ‘The Nugget’ before being struck in silver?

Introduced in 1986 by The Gold Corporation a company owned by the government of Western Australia, the flagship coin was originally known as the Gold Nugget for its depiction of a nugget on the reverse, paired with the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II gracing the obverse. This was up until 1989 when the design was replaced by the Kangaroo on Australia’s flagship coin.

An incredibly fitting coin design for a country whose national animal is internationally recognised, giving the Kangaroo a strong identity within the numismatic market.


By far one of the most unique coins available on the numismatic market.

First issued in 1983, the Panda not only captures the charm and spirited nature of one of China’s national treasures but it secures its place in the world of numismatics with a playful and original design.

CPM Chinese Panda OBV REV - Your guide to the Silver Flagship Coins of the World
Chinese 2024 30g Silver Panda

Each year there are different variables of the design, with different mints such as Shanghai, Shenyang and Shenzhen bringing forward their own interpretation – but the centrepiece of the Panda always stands strong.


It might be wrong to have favourites. But this is one of mine.

The Gold Krugerrand has been a longstanding celebrity in the world of numismatics, compared so often to the UK’s Sovereign. However, it was 2017 when we were surprised by the edition of the famous Krugerrand, in 99.9% Silver.

CPM Kruggerand OBV REV - Your guide to the Silver Flagship Coins of the World
South African 2024 1oz Silver Krugerrand

Still featuring the Springbok, the national animal of South Africa along with its namesake of Paul Kruger on the obverse, this coin is a symbol of South Africa’s rich heritage and complex history. 


Every coin on this list is a work of art struck by precious metal. Each one representing years of culture and the values for their country, illustrated through the designs of talented engravers throughout history.

2024 Silver Flagship Coins of the World Box shot - Your guide to the Silver Flagship Coins of the World
The Silver Flagship Coins of the World

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