Why Piedfort coins are a collector’s essential

The scarcity of a coin is one of the key components when considering its collectability.

With significantly lower edition limits than their counterpart Proof issues, Piedfort coins are the essential choice for serious collectors.

But what exactly are Piedfort coins and why are they so collectable?

Double the thickness of a standard coin, Piedforts (pronounced “pee-ay-fore”) are often the pinnacle of a Mint’s craftsmanship.

piedfort comparison image - Why Piedfort coins are a collector’s essential

They date back to 13th century France and literally translate to “heavy foot” or, more accurately, “heavyweight”. They were usually given as prestigious gifts to symbolise power and wealth.

However it was only in 1982 that The Royal Mint returned to this tradition, now striking a tiny fraction of UK commemorative coins as Piedfort issues each year.

Why should I collect Piedfort coins?

Piedforts are favoured by collectors for the most part due to their rarity.

Because Piedfort coins have considerably smaller edition limits than standard Proof coins, they have some of the strongest sell-out records of any British coins.

Unsurprisingly, royalty themed Piedforts hold the fastest sell-out records – the 2017 Sapphire Jubilee £5 Piedfort sold out in just under a week with an edition limit of 3,000.

The reduced edition limits and resulting sell-out potential is why I believe Piedfort coins are an essential for any collector.

If you’re interested…

This is the UK 2018 Sapphire Coronation Silver Proof Piedfort. It was released the year after the record-breaking sell-out from the Sapphire Jubilee Piedfort.

140e sapphire coronation uk silver piedfort 5 obv rev prod page - Why Piedfort coins are a collector’s essential

That was limited to 3,000 coins. This one had an edition limit of 2,000.

That’s why I think this could be the most important Piedfort ever issued.

Click here to make the UK 2018 Sapphire Coronation Silver Proof Piedfort yours

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